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+++2nd Batch Commission Slot is Up!!+++ May 2017

Journal Entry: Wed May 3, 2017, 8:05 AM
Hey everyone! ;)
Thanks for your patience! Finally the second batch of commission slot is up! :D

Slot 1 : Heng (confirmed)
Slot 2 : Astral-azure (confirmed)

Unfortunately the slots had been fully taken.. And currently waitlist is not available yet ><

Thanks again for your support and do let me know if you have any question! :D

+++Open for Commission!!+++ (Updates) March 2017*

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 7, 2017, 10:19 PM
**Update** Thanks for the positive responses! Here are the current slots status:-

Slot 1 : Chirutai (completed)
Slot 2 : Eric (completed)

Waiting list:-

Slot 1 : Heng 
Slot 2 : Astral-azure

Slots are currently full for this batch, but you can still send me notes for those interested so we can discuss around :)

The waiting lists are for next upcoming batch, might take some time for the next batch of commission to be available, sorry for the delay ><

Thanks again for your support and feel free to contact me for any question! :D

Hello Everyone! 

Finally after awhile I am currently open for commission works for a very limited slots!
Do drop me notes or message me for those interested! :D
Thanks and I'm looking forward for possible opportunities with you all! ;)

--Updates: November 2016-- =D

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 16, 2016, 5:20 AM
Hi everyone! Just a little updates after awhile =D

Commission closed for now as I'll be busy until end of this year, and also wanted to free up time to kickstart my bigger plan of my personal project (yay!) =)
Thank you for all your support and I'll announce once the next batch of commission slots available again!

Thanks again, stay tuned and happy drawing~! ;)

Hi everyone! Finally I am open for new commission works for now! =D =D
I'm specialized in character designs, concept works and illustrations. I'm available for commercial works too.

Send me a note for those who are interested, describe which type of works you prefer and I'll send you the rates =)

Thanks and I'm looking forward for new opportunities! ;)
Hi everyone! Really thanks for all the warm birthday greetings on my page! =) =)
And sorry for such a late respond, there were many things going on recently especially on my personal life.

There are many ups and downs early of this year. A number of things didn't went as expected or as planned, numerous things that affected my life, and so on. But I always remind myself to be more patience and try to find solutions to get through all these harsh moments. Not to forget on people around me that keep supporting me! I feel appreciated =)

So here is a very simple sketch just to say thank you for all the greetings and supports from you guys. =D
Keep positive, inspiring and stay tuned for more updates coming soon! =D

Thank You Sketch! April 2016 (ScytheticA) by syncmax

I'm happy to announce that I'll having a booth at this year Comic Fiesta on 19th and 20th December 2015, at Mines Convention Centre (MIECC), Malaysia!

This is my first time having my own booth and I hope to get some new experiences and exposure, and of course meet all the awesome people out there in the art community. It's time for me to get involved more into the art scene XD

Visit me at booth C5!

Thank you for your support and see you there! =D =D

Comic Fiesta 2015 - SYNCMAX artbooth by syncmax
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Hi everyone,

It's been awhile again so it's time to post some updates here in DA about what's going on currently on my side :)

As been told I've been working freelancing since early of this year. I really enjoyed the new working style and flexibility as a freelancer. But things happened (at least for me), and I couldn't afford to stay freelancing after few months, so I'm back working fulltime in a new studio right now.

So back to new plans there would be several new personal projects I'm working on now. One of them are my new experimental personal project, which I'll apply new style that's different from my usual art style. I'll start posting sneak previews of the work time by time. I hope it'll be a very exciting and inspiring project to work on, plus wish to get more exposure and building my own impression =)

I also planned to overhaul my entire portfolio works, and starting my own personal portfolio website soon. So there would be a bunch of new contents waiting to be created for my portfolio site (not to mention the web coding etc, should be fun to do).I realized it's really the time that I should improve more on my skills through my porfolio works.

I am planning to separate some of my works to be either posted on here DA or Artstation. From now on I decided to post only my commission works on DA. And I'll be posting my personal works on Artstation, since it'll be great for me to experiment with my new personal works there.

For commissions, I may be restricted from taking new projects as it's not easy to balance between freelancing and my fulltime job, plus working on my personal projects. I'll stick with my current clients. But if you think you have a very exciting and interesting commission projects, do let me know, I may be considering =)

For those who are curious about my personal projects (there will be more new works), you can check out my Artstation gallery:…

Thanks, and keep inspiring! ;)
Hi everyone! It's over a month already since I started a new chapter as currently I'm fulltime freelancer artist now. =D

For your information (alongside with my current client works), I am available for another new commission work offer! For those who are interested, you can contact me about your project offer. =)

For those who are serious about offering interesting projects, it's better to contact me directly via my email (syncmax_se(at) as I'll be checking my email inbox more often than DA.

Meanwhile I'm currently more active in my FB page as I'm frequently posting new sketches there, check them out! There are some art challenges going on now! ;)

Thanks, keep drawin' and I'm looking forward for more interesting possibilities! =D
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Hi everyone, its September finally! I am expecting interesting things happening this month! It's the time to get busy again =D

On this month I decided to open a slot for commission work, along side with another new commissions I'm going to work on started this month. So now it's your chance to offer me an interesting commission work! Drop me a note for those interested =)

Also I had just joined ArtStation and DrawCrowd! Feel free to follow me there! =D

ArtStation link -…

DrawCrowd link -

Enjoy and stay tuned! =D
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Hi everyone, it's been a while since my last updates. Sorry for the complete silent.

Since I was back from Moscow on middle of May, all the works started piling up, and during the whole month of June I was insanely overwhelmed with works. It was really crazy experience. So during the time I was unable to do my personal works that I was planned earlier.

A lot of things happenned recently besides crazy schedule in my personal life, and I was stressed out a little. So hopefully for this month I could take some time to rest and to release my stress. I am hoping for a better luck in this coming months. (Yes I am an 'emo' person ;) )

Also because of my current clients that I'm working on, I may not ready for any new commissions or new client for now on still until further notice, sorry for that. Anyway if I found out the projects you offered sounds interesting I may contact you! =)

I'll slowly posting out some of my works for clients so at least there would be something for updates in my gallery. Hope you guys be patience =)

See you soon and stay tuned! =D
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I'm really thanked for those posted birthday wishes on my page! I feel very appreciated here in DA =)

Some current updates on my side- I'm coming to the 'Motherland' of Russia; to Moscow on early next month, during the Victory Day. =) For those who stayed in or near Moscow that wish to meet together your're most welcomed (let me know)!
It's always great to meet new friends, and share the same interests as an artist! ;)

Will be bringing some nice sketchbooks so I can sketch out all the cool inspirations during my journey, I'm sure there'll be plenty of them XD

Also because of the trip there will be a little delay on my updates of my current projects and freelance works, sorry for that. I'll try to work on them.

Thanks again, keep drawing and stay tuned! ;)
Hi everyone, it's year end again! Just how fast time goes =)

Like usual last few months I was busy with freelance works again, but still managed to make some time working on my own personal project (if you noticed my new works!). All of my new sketches, WIPs and previews will be posted on my blog. Check them out here!

Also I received a number of requests about commissions and freelance projects, I apologized if I'm not able to reply to all as I'm not checking my DA all the time. By the way, during this year end and coming new year I may not taking commissions for now, just wanted to take a little break for holiday (yay!), also wanted to work on my little personal artworks. =)

But for those who are still interested in offering future commissions can still contact me, we can plan things first =)

So see you again soon and stay tuned! ;)
Hello everyone! I am shocked to know I had received DD for my latest work Sthycx the Code Installer!! 
Really thanks to Shue13 and of course all of you supporters out there! Your supports will keep us artists to make more great works!! =D =D
(sorry if I couldn't reply to all comments, trying to, but again I'm very appreciate you guys! =))

And also I had made an exclusive "The making of Obsidian World" tutorial in CGArena, you can take a look of how I worked on the book cover and also some tips and tricks of painting. Enjoy!! 

Thanks again and stay tuned for more of my new works coming soon! =D =D
Hi, it's been a while since my last journal update, sorry for such a late.

This year not much of freelance works for me (compared with last year where I was so busy with so many projects)...

It may sounds like I can take this time to rest, but instead I'm making myself busy completing all my personal works that was interupted by busy freelance jobs last time, yeah there will be never stop improving! Catching back the rhythm, loved that ;)

Also other than art related stuff I got back to my old' hobby quite well, the teamates seems very welcoming, I'm pretty happy about that =)

Alright I'm gonna go back and continue drawing, stay tuned for more new works! =D
Hi everyone, it's been a while already and sorry for the very late update... There's a lot of stuff happened to me recently..

This year I received lots of freelance works and that was projects that I like to work on. Though, they took out my time for making personal works.. It's quite tiring but I learned a lot from there. I'll post them up once allowed =)

Other recent thing was my unrelated personal stuff. So called back to my old 'world' to find a little happiness, it was actually into the the ugly truth of reality and got into several very emotional moment. Now still involving but not sure if it worth any serious commitment (well just let it be..)

Oh ya I bought a new house with my family to settle, so by now no need moving here and there again. =)

So yeah, now I'm back on track; I had updated my blog quite often now here:-
Currently I'm actively doing speedpaint practice and studies, and I'll post them mostly on my blog. So do check them out!

See you again and DRAW more! ;)
Two of my works been featured in Artician's Featured submissions today:-…

Thanks a lot! =)
I'm back after been in the battlefield for almost half a year.
I keep asking myself "when this war will going to end?" and when I know there will be endless I decided to surrender. And I escaped before I became prisoner of war.

Nah, just back from busy freelance works, finally I could make more great works and share all the fun here =)

Please support my blog site ( I now only posted step-by-step and never seen before sketches on my blog. Visit often, add me, tell to your friends and cats.. =D

Okay, now enjoy all the way! ;)
Hi there everyone, and Happy Chinese New Year! It's been a while now since my last year's post. And on the last day I were in Animasia it makes me feel like this 3+ years gone with a blink of an eye.

Just wanted to update, I had accepted a new job offer at a game studio, it really looks great to finally work in a high standard game studio! =)
Although I think the road there would be a bit bumpy (or even falling rocks) but I guess I could learn a ton from it so I wouldn't mind! =)

I also recently working on a new concept/illustration freelance works. It's my great honor to work on such an interesting project and I enjoy doing it (although it means lesser free time...) and when the game finally on the market I hope I could show out some of the nice works here, if permitted (hopefully!)

Despite all this, I still making my new personal works (hint at my avatar here ;)) I'll try my best to improve and add up more personal works, so stay tuned and updated! =D
GD-9 by syncmax

Just three days after I posted my new work I was shocked it had earned a DD!!
Really thanks to casperium for the DD!!

It's been a while since my last DD, seeing others improved and earned so many archivements while me myself didn't, especially this year. Sometimes I feel quite disappointed to myself not able to expose my works more. So this DD really meant a lot to me. It had encouraged me to stay strong and competitive!

And also right now I've been hunting for my dream job as concept artist, wish me luck...